Additional Member Info

“Yes, I am the bread of life!” John 6:48

Committees, Prayer and Social Groups

Evangelism Committee
The Evangelism Committee meets the first Sunday of the month at noon in the library. They plan activities for the church and activities to increase our presence in the community. They have been working on updating the look of the church building, planning movie night, women’s night out, and the church picnic, increasing our presence on social media, including keeping our website up to date, and improving communication with our church members.

Property Committee
The Property Committee members work on the church building, inside and outside. When outside help is needed they communicate with contractors and accept bids. They keep the physical church running, make repairs when needed, and bring the needs of the church to the attention of consistory and the members. They meet every Saturday at 9:00 am. They are always looking for help on Saturday mornings.

Worship/Music Committee
This committee meets the third Sunday of the month at noon in the conference room. They discuss all of the worship services, what is working, what needs to be changed. Worship themes and music are coordinated, altar flowers, special flowers at holidays, decorating is discussed, what candles are needed, purchasing the Christmas tree, making palm crosses – all of this is included in their discussion and planning.

The dart team is looking for new members.  Anyone interested in throwing darts should contact T. Becker.  Games are played Wednesday nights from September until the beginning of March, and move to Tuesday nights the day before Ash Wednesday and Thanksgiving Eve.  Games usually begin the first Wednesday of September at 7:00 pm.

Prayer Chain
If you need prayers for someone in your family, we do have a prayer chain. This is a telephone chain and is in addition to the prayer list in our bulletin. To start the chain, please call P. Hoyt.  Please contact the office for phone numbers.

Rosedale Readers
This is a group of people who love to read.  We each purchase a newly published hardcover book.  Then on the first Sunday of each month we pass our book and receive a book from someone else.  In this way we can read many books for the price of one.

Bible Study
We have Bible Study groups meeting throughout the year.  Please talk to the pastor if you would like information about the current Bible Study options at Rosedale.

In the Hospital?
If you or a member of your family is hospitalized, please notify the church office.